The 3 Best Stim Free Pre Workouts Revealed

Pre-workouts are one of the most used supplements by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. It will give you that ‘extra’ push you need to get you through your workout.

As you might already have noticed, there are a lot of stimulants in those pre-workouts and sometimes this is just too much.

If you are someone that trains late at night or a couple of hours before you go to bed, you might experience some insomnia.

That’s why having a stim free pre workout is the ultimate solution to this problem. 

We have put together a top 3 of the Best Stim Free Pre Workouts on the market.

In my opinion, these products are FAR superior to all the other pre-workouts.

1. Pump Serum by Huge Nutrition

After researching and reviewing tons of supplements and pre-workouts.

We can tell you that Pump Serum by Huge Nutrition is by far the BEST product you can get.

I personally used this product many times and it never stopped amazing me.

The research they did on this product has never been seen before. They included ingredients like L-Norvaline, BetaPure, Creatine HCL, and Citruline Malate

The best thing about this stim free pre workout is that all ingredients are dosed correctly based on the studies. 

Huge Supplements also has a pre workout that contains stimulates called Wrecked, with a testosterone complex. Definitely worth checking out if you want to compare them.

2. Transparent Labs Preseries Stim Free

On the second spot, we have the stim-free variation of PreSeries Bulk. It’s an amazing product that has a huge serving size.

We really loved to use this product since it gave us a pump, power, and focus in the gym.

If you take a look at the dosages and ingredients you will see that it’s almost a 20-gram serving size. 

3. Steel Pumped AF

We really like this product from Steel Supplements, it has all the necessary ingredients you really need in a stim free pre workout.

Expect to have some extreme muscle fullness and muscle pumps if you use this product 20 minutes before working out.

This product is also good to stack with other products from Steel Supplements. Like Alpha AF or all of the andro’s that they carry. 

For all the hardcore stimulant freaks Steel Supplements also has a pre-workout called Amped AF with HIGH stims.

What Is A Stim Free Pre Workout?

Most people use pre-workouts for the insane energy, focus and pumps in the gym. 

Well, that’s exactly the same with a stim free pre-workout.

However, if you ever took a pre-workout, you might have noticed a crash after you were done training. This crash comes from an overdose of adrenaline that your body was told to produce by all of those stimulants. 

With a stim free pre-workout, you are completely safe, there is NO CRASH whatsoever but you will still feel pumped up in the gym.

What can you expect from a Stim Free Pre Workout?

A stim free pre workout is a supplement that has all the benefits of a pre-workout but without the stimulants that give you side effects like having a crash, insomnia or headache.

It’s ideal for people that are looking for a product that gives them that insane muscle pumps, muscle fullness, and increased endurance.

You will be able to train longer and harder for a stim free pre workout.

You will also notice increased stamina and endurance. Normally you would be done after 3 sets but with a stim free pre workout you are able to push it to at least 5!

stim free pre workout

Caffeine Free Pre Workout

If you are looking for a caffeine free pre workout you came to the right place. 

All stim free pre workouts that I’ve listed here contain zero caffeine

Caffeine is the most used compound in a pre-workout for years now. If you see a pre-workout, high chance you will find some caffeine in it.

Don’t get me wrong, caffeine is a good compound that is VERY effective. However, caffeine is something that’s in a lot of products. For example, if you drink coffee or tea you already ingest caffeine. 

caffeine free pre workout

So, the more caffeine you take the more resistant you get. That’s why you keep taking more and more of the same pre-workout or coffee.

A lot of people are looking for a pre-workout without caffeine because it just doesn’t work anymore. 

If you are one of those people, check out the listed stim free pre workouts on here and I bet you will find something good.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Personally I haven’t noticed any side-effects from using these products.

I noticed more side-effects with using a pre-workout with stimulants. I always had a crash and sometimes had a hard time falling asleep.

Keep in mind, only use the recommended dosage and don’t exceed it.

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for a product that really works and doesn’t contain any stimulants. I would definitely recommend Pump Serum by Huge Nutrition.

This product is by far the best thing you can get if you would like to get some insane pumps and muscle hardness in the gym.

Best Stim Free Pre Workout
Preseries stim free pre workout

Product Name: Preseries Stim Free Pre workout

Brand: Transparent Labs

Availability: InStock


  • Energy Boost
  • Extreme Focus
  • Muscle Gain

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