Amped AF Review: Best Pre-Workout of 2019?

In this review, we will be discussing Steel Amped AF from Steel Supplements

Pre-workouts are very popular among fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast. They will give you that extra boost, focus, and strength that will get you through your workout. 

I am personally a fan of Pre-workout, however, some products just ain’t giving met that ‘extras’ that I require in the gym.

That’s why I always try out different products to find the product that I really like and report back to the community.

Steel Amped AF

Steel Amped AF is one of the 3 Pre-workouts made by Steel Supplements. The other products are Steel Pre and Charged AF, they also have a pump product called Pumped AF.

I choose to try out Steel Amped AF because it has the most stim and energy effects claimed by Steel Supplements. The other products are more for the pump and for people that do not like any stimulation ingredients.

With that being said, Steel Amped AF is a Pre-workout for people that are really looking to get good energy and focus boost in the gym.

Steel Amped AF Ingredients

As mentioned in earlier articles, the ingredients are the most important of a product.

Lots of ingredients are very hard to understand so that’s why I picked the most interesting ingredients and I will explain it to you very simple.

Steel Amped AF ingredients

This product is known to give you an increase in Nitrix Oxide, meaning you get more blood flow into your muscles. This is something you always want to have in your pre-workout because it works extremely well.

Everybody knows that Caffeine can give you lots of energy and focus. It’s not for nothing one of the most used product for energy(Coffee) worldwide! Caffeine is something you definitely want to use before a workout since it can help you with endurance, strength, and focus.

Hordenine is a product that is an adrenergic-like compound. It can help you lose fat but most importantly can increase adrenaline in your body. This helps you out with energy and focus in the gym.

Higenamine is known as a Beta-adrenergic agonist meaning it has the ability to reduce body fat mass and works the same as a stimulant. It has been marked as the ‘next’ DMAA.

​Huperzine-A is a cognitive enhancer, it is a form of nootropic that can help with getting that intense focus.

As you might already know, there are even more interesting ingredients in Steel Amped AF. In my opinion, this formula is great if you like to get intense energy and focus boost.

If you are more of a person that doesn’t like lots of stimulants you could look at their other pre-workout called Steel PRE. You can find more information on this product over here

My Personal Experience with Steel Amped AF

I’ve tried A lot of different pre-workouts and I can tell you that Steel Amped AF is one of the STRONGEST pre-workout I ever took.

Other pre-workouts like Transparent Labs Preseries Bulk are also very good but it is a pre-workout with just the ‘regular’ ingredients. If you are looking for something that has some more hardcore ingredients, this pre is for you.

Would I recommend Amped AF to you?


It is, in my opinion, the best pre-workout of 2019.

Final Conclusion

There is no doubt that Amped AF is the strongest pre-workout on the market. If you like pre-workouts that work, don’t look any further.

It contains ingredients that no other pre-workouts have and that’s what makes it unique in my opinion. Keep in mind that these ingredients are HIGHLY potent, start off with just 1/4 of a scoop and work your way up.

Steel Amped AF Review
Steel Amped AF

Product Name: Amped AF

Brand: Steel Supplements

Offer price: 55.00

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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  • Energy
  • Pump
  • Focus
  • No Crash

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