Rebirth PCT Review: #1 Post Cycle Therapy Or Not?

Today we will be reviewing one of the most known post cycle therapy supplements on the market.

This product is called Rebirth PCT and is produced by Huge Nutrition. 

I have used Rebirth PCT a couple of times now and I can really tell you: This product is the real deal.

Rebirth PCT is a dietary supplement that can be used as post cycle therapy, estrogen reducer or testosterone booster. 

Most people who use Rebirth PCT take it after they did a cycle of testosterone suppressive compounds such as SARMs or Prohormones.

Rebirth PCT Review

What Are The Ingredients?

So what actually is in Rebirth PCT?

The product contains a blend of the finest and most potent herbs, minerals, and vitamins you will find

Below, I will go in more details on every ingredient and why they are so good:

This vitamin is a very important vitamin and most people actually have a vitamin D deficiency. 

It’s a vitamin that is good for bone health, immune health and overall well-being. 

Next to that is that vitamin D3 has been proven to increase testosterone and lean muscle mass. 

A study done on vitamin D3 showed an increase of 25% in bioactive and free testosterone. 

Rebirth contains a total of 50mcg vitamin D3.

This is an essential mineral that is mostly used to help your body get a  healthy testosterone level. 

Studies have shown that Zinc can increase your testosterone up to 84% if you have a zinc deficiency.  

Zinc is mostly found in eggs and fish. If you do not get enough zinc in your body you can suffer from low testosterone levels, especially if you just did a cycle of SARMs or Prohormones.

If you suffer from a zinc deficiency the risk of high estrogen is very high. Definitally you want to use in your post cycle therapy.

This is an essential mineral that has many benefits. If you suffer from a deficiency of magnesium you can feel weak and tired.

Magnesium is a mineral that can help you with boosting your natural testosterone, sleep, stress, and depression. 

If your natural testosterone levels are suppressed than this is definitely you would like to take to feel energetic again.

This is one of the most useful ingredients in Rebirth. This ingredient will help you with blocking testosterone converting in estrogen. It’s a form of aromatase inhibitor that will help you with boosting your testosterone.

This is something you definitely would like to take after you did a SARMs or Prohormone cycle. 

Next to that, a study done on Armistane showed that it can burn fat in stubborn fat areas such as your lower back.

It is an extract of a plant called Ayurveda and has been studied many times on the effect on testosterone.

It has been proven to enhance libido and sexual well being. A study showed that it increases free testosterone in men which would explain the libido-enhancing function.


This is also a herb that will help you with gaining strength, metabolism and testosterone levels.

It’s important that you keep in your gains after you did a cycle. That’s where Ashwagandha really shines, it will help you with staying and even better getting stronger.

It is a mineral that will keep your estrogen levels low and testosterone level high. 

Rebirth PCT vs Red PCT

I hear a lot of people that compare Rebirth PCT with Red PCT.

They are both post cycle supplements and have some interesting ingredients. 

However, if we look at the ingredients and effectiveness of both products Rebirth wins by far. 

For example, the serving size of Rebirth is 6 capsules and Red PCT only 3 capsules.

Red PCT misses some simple but very effective ingredients like vitamin D3, Zinc, and Magnesium.

Rebirth PCT actually has an ingredient included that has been proven to work called Arimistane.

Final Verdict: Should I Recommend?

If you are looking for a post cycle therapy supplement then Rebirth PCT is by far the best product on the market. 

After using this product multiple times I can really vouch for the quality and effectiveness. 

The ingredients are by far the most advanced comparing to other brands.

If you would like to buy Rebirth. Buy it from their official website:

Rebirth PCT Review

Product Name: Rebirth PCT

Brand: Huge Nutrition

  • Post Cycle Therapy
  • Boosting Testosterone
  • Lowering Estrogen
  • Strength

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