Bang Pre Workout Review: Best Product On The Market?

Today we will be reviewing a product called Bang Pre Workout. 

It’s the official Pre Workout from the same owners as Bang-Energy. It’s mostly marketed under the brand name VPX Sports.

The reason why I reviewed this product is that it’s one of the only pre-workouts that actually been tested by a University.

Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster is a supplement that you take before your workout and enhances your energy, focus, and strength. 

It’s marketed as a pre-workout that has the ability to help you with the following things:

It sounds like a really good product, right?

Well, the company behind this product has had it tested by a university to find out what it actually does.

One study done on Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster showed an increase in HGH serum and IGF-1 Serum. 

Bang Pre Workout review

The study was done by 10 ‘resistance-trained’ male that needed to do a couple of exercises like the bench press and leg extension.

The thing I noticed about this study is that it’s completely funded by VPX. Which are the distributors of Bang Pre Workout.

The study seems a bit ‘too good to be true’ and in my opinion totally biased. Of course, they would like to have a good outcome of this study, especially since it’s their own product.

Bang Pre Workout Ingredients

The test results were quite promising, so let’s find out what’s really inside of this product that is so amazing.

BCAA is the abbreviation for Branched Chain Amino Acids and consists of three essential amino acids called:

  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine

BCAA’s are very important for building muscle and muscle wasting prevention. 

Using BCAA’s after your workout has shown an increase of 22% protein synthesis.

Definitely a supplement that you would like to have in your diet when building muscles of dieting down.

It is a molecule that is mainly found in red meat and fish and will help you with muscle strength and power output.

It’s widely known as ‘the best natural muscle builder’ since it’s actually been proven to work with different studies.

This is also an amino acid just like BCAA, however, L-citrulline has some other activities in the body.

It’s mostly good for pumping more blood into the muscles. It will help you with boosting nitrix oxide to give you that insane muscle pump in the gym.

This is a molecule that is known for its ability to regulate your water balance in your muscles.

It’s often used as a performance enhancer and muscle builder simular to creatine. 

Also, an amino acid that will help you with endurance and power output.

It basically will make you get more reps done on your working sets.

It will also help you with staying longer in the gym without going fatigued.

It is probably the most common product for boosting energy and focus. 
It’s also known as a fat burner and performance enhancer.

Caffeine will give you a boost in energy like never seen before. 

However, if you use caffeine a lot you will get resistant to its effect and you will need more and more.

Bang Pre Workout contains 350mg of caffeine, which is in my opinion a lot more than usual.

I couldn’t find any real research on this product, but it’s basically a combination of creatine and L-Leucine. 

Frankly, I don’t understand why this ingredient is in here. Since both creatine and L-Leucine are already in Bang Pre-workout.

Bang Pre Workout contains 7 main ingredients that are all very effective and will the job for you.

It contains a high amount of creatine that will give you some good strength increasement in the gym.

The thing I don’t like about the ingredients is that it contains 350mg caffeine. Personally, this is way too much for me, however if you are a stim addict it would not be a problem.

However, comparing Bang Pre Workout with Dust Extreme or Amped AF, Bang Pre Workout doesn’t look very impressive.

They both have way more ingredients that have some very interesting effects and that is currently missed with this product.

In my opinion, Bang Pre Workout is a product that is fairly standard.

Final Verdict: Would I Recommend?

After using this product a couple of times. I can say: the product works but could be improved.

In my opinion, the ingredients used are very standard and used in lots of products.

If we take a look at the price, a bottle of Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster currently costs $44,99. 

The price is quite high for what you actually get.

I would recommend using a pre-workout like Wrecked because it’s a way better bang for your buck and will help you more with working out.

Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review
Bang Pre Workout

Product Name: Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster

Brand: VPX

  • Strength
  • Power Output
  • Energy
  • Focus

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